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KR1 - Mitre 10 Christmas Regatta

Friday 16th December. Draft Race Schedule.

1     Friday 10.00     B U17 1X          Dougal Burden                                                            Progression: 1->FA+1F2; R2->FB+2F3

1     Friday 10.04     B U17 1X         Tom Blathwayt                                                             Progression: 1->FA+1F2; R2->FB+2F3

12    Friday 12.06     B U16 4X+    To be confirmed                                                           Progression: 1->A Final+3F2;R2,3=F4-.B Final

14    Friday 12.26     G U16 1X        Iona Anderson                                                              Progression: 1->A Final + 3F2; R2,3+F4>B Final

14    Friday 12.30     G U16 1X        Nelly Farmiloe                                                               Progression: 1->A Final+3F2; R2,3+F4>B Final

19    Friday 12.54     G U17 4X+     To be confirmed                                                           Progression: 1,2->A Final;3,4->B Final

30   Friday 14.11       B U17 2X        Hamish Burden and Tom Blathwayt (stroke)      Progression: 1+2F2->A Final; R2=4F3-.B Final

31    Friday 14.35      G U17 1X         Katie Halliday                                                               Progression: 1->A Final+F2; R2,3+F4.B Final

31    Friday 14.39     G U17 1X         Brianna Davey                                                              Progression: 1->A Final+F2; R2,3+F4.B Final

39   Friday 15.47     B U16 2X        Jack Featherstone and Evan Williams (stroke)  Progression: 1->A Final+3F2;R2,3+F4->B Final

43   Friday 16.24    B U18 1X           Tom Parkin                                                                   Progression: 1->A Final+3F2;R2,3+F4->B Final

Saturday 17th December. Draft Schedule

8      Saturday 08.37     W Nov 2X     To be confirmed                                                     Progression: 1,2->A Final;3,4->B Final

15     Saturday  09.27   M Snr 1X        Tom McCann                                                            Progression: 1,2,3,4->Final; Rest Eliminated

38    Saturday 12.05     M Club 2X     Dougal Burden and Tom Parkin (stroke)         Progression: 1->A Final+3F2; R2,3+F4->B Final

38    Saturday 12.09     M Club 2X     Hamish Burden and Tom McCann (stroke)     Progression: 1->A Final+3F2; R2,3+F4->B Final

67    Saturday 14.35      G U17 2X      Brianna Davey and Katie Halliday (stroke)      Progression: 1,2->A Final; 3,4->B Final

76    Saturday 16.11       G U16 2X       Nelly Farmiloe and Iona Anderson (stroke)    Progression: 1->A Final+3F2; R2,3+F4->B Final

77    Saturday 16.31      B U16 1X        Evan Williams                                                           Progression: 1,2->A Final;3,4->B Final

77    Saturday 16.35      B U16 1X        Jack Featherstone                                                 Progression: 1,2->A Final;3,4->B Final  

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