Sponsored Row to Maadi

The Aon Maadi Cup is the New Zealand Secondary School Rowing Championships regatta which is being held at Lake Ruataniwha, near Twizel at the beginning of April, and this year we have a number of crews who are eligible to attend and represent Takapuna Grammar School and our rowing club in this prestigious event.
The cost to our club to compete at this event is $48,000. This includes the entry fees, accommodation and transportation of our crews (31 rowers), our dedicated coaches and all of the necessary equipment (8 boats, oars, riggers, tents, food, drink etc.)
We are currently deploying a number of activities including sponsorship to raise the necessary funds for this trip and are not asking for a hand out, we are working for it.
On 12 March the rowing crews of TGS are completing an Erg-a-Thon where each crew member will row for four hours, and as a club target a total distance of 1,356,300 metres - the distance from our school to Lake Ruataniwha.
There are three ways by which you can support and sponsor our crews:

  • A flat fee payable now or later
  • Agree to pay a sponsorship per metre completed by the rower – e.g. $1 per km might be $50 in total
  • Agree to pay a sponsorship per metre completed by the club – e.g. 5 cents per km might be $68

Based on 50kms and 1356km respectively

All funds raised will subsidise the costs to get our crews from Takapuna to Twizel. Please help and make all of the daily 5:30 am starts worth it...

2015 Raffle Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of our 2015 raffle.  The winners were selected through a police supervised draw and have been contacted.

The lucky winners are:

1st    01936    T. Boyes (sold by Brianna) – Air NZ Great Mystery Break for 2

2nd    02553    G. Day (sold by Toby) – The Gardener’s Friend

3rd    02430    T. Hinchey (sold by Tom McC) – The ‘Oarsome’ Hamper from Devonport New World

Thanks to everyone who bought and sold tickets.  Its a great fundraiser for our club - we sold over 2000 tickets and collected over $9000!  Congratulations to: the Anderson family who won prizes for early sellers & most tickets (163 tickets sold), also well done to the Featherstone family (125 tickets sold), the Davey family (95 tickets sold), and the Kingdom family (90 tickets sold).

Winter Sport Pre-Season Trials

I have been fielding some questions from parents seeking clarification as winter sport trials and training activities start ramping up.

TGS have a policy that during Summer, Summer sports take priority over Winter Sports and vice versa.  This policy is intended as a simple guide to help manage conflicting training schedules/ students commitments between the different sporting codes..  This policy doesn't restrict, certainly doesn't ban rowers from participating in other school or external activities.   On the contrary the school encourages students to get involved as broadly as possible in their school life and follow the school motto of "aspiring to personal excellence". 

From a rowing perspective, all our rowing coaches are understandably very passionate about their sport and would like all rowers to be very focused as we move into the final competition stages of the season.   Most rowing crews have been training together for long hours and it is important to minimise risk for injures.  We can only ask that all rowers consider their teammates and ensure that they give rowing priority over other pre-season sporting activities and take care/ try to avoid injuries in any other sporting codes or activities that they participate in. 

Any questions, further clarifications, please give me a call.

Don Bisset
President TGS Rowing

2014 Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 2014 raffle.  The winners were selected through a police supervised draw and have all been contacted.

The lucky winners are:

1st                            0671                       David Mills        

2nd                          1295                       Meg Knott

3rd                           1622                       Mike Taylor

Book Prize             2690                      Therese McCann

Thanks to all those who bought tickets for supporting our club.

Christmas Message

It is pouring with rain down at camp today and this provides me with a good opportunity to catch-up with some overdue club correspondence.  This message was delivered via a link to our revamped TGS Rowing web site and since you are now reading this, I am hoping that navigation to this page has been straightforward.  

New Website
Communication has been one of the top items on our season objective list (based on your member feedback from last season).  You will be aware by now that keeping the rowing club wheels rolling requires a ton of communication.  Moving forward we are striving to get the right balance between using email, this website and Facebook.  Any improvements or suggestions are most welcome.  

Please have a good look around the website, its purpose is part promotional for new prospects and part informative for existing members. Hopefully the members section will be your ‘go to’ reference spot for the latest training schedule or contact information.  We have password protected the members area as some of this information shouldn't be in the public domain.

Camp Update
Camp has got off to a great start and all the rowers have settled into the daily routine, I'm sure they all be knackered by Wednesday evening.  Given the weather, today has turned into more of fun day with a core session and basketball competition replacing the morning row and hill run.   The All Stars Rowing team narrowly defeated the parents team, despite some incessant fouling and one-eyed referring (we were robbed).  However the parent helpers are still in good spirits, yesterday we even managed to get two parent crews out for a row in an eight!  Both crews were rocketing along like pros within 5 minutes as the photos and video below will attest.

Grants and Raffle Updates
Thanks to all rowers (and parents) for their mammoth efforts on raffle sales.  We have managed to raise close to $11,000 which will be put to great use this season.  Thanks to Julie Kingdom for all her efforts in organising this.. the raffle will be drawn at the Takapuna police station on the 18th December.

I wanted to take this opportunity to also table the club’s appreciation to Bruce Alvey and his efforts in heading up the committee role of Grants and Sponsorship.  Bruce has just secured a grant from the Infinity Trust for $4,000 towards coaching costs, this is the first time we applied to them so this is a great result.  Bruce has also re-signed AON as a head sponsor for our ‘Head of Harbour’ Regatta in February for $7,500.  Bruce has been nothing short of a fund raising machine for the club and all his behind the scenes efforts are massively appreciated.  We need to begin training one or two replacements to take over from him when the Alveys leave at the end of this season (unless I can successfully convince them to adopt my 13-year old).

January Camp
A quick reminder to get your booking in for camp two so that the catering team can lock in orders for food.  If you can squeeze in a visit the January camp will be great fun for all.  I'm looking forward to some more rowing practice and the annual visit to the glow worm ‘canyon’.
Best Wishes
On behalf of the committee, coaches and all the weather gods, I would like to wish you and your family the very best Christmas and happy New Year.  Travel safe and I look forward to seeing you in the next year.

Don Bisset
TGS Rowing Club 


December DOR Report

Hi All 

Since my last blog we have attended Bennett Shield, Mercer, Muudi Cup and Co-operation Cup regattas and I am pleased to report a significant improvement in our performances at all of these. 

Bennett Shield

This was a challenging day and the decision to call the regatta to a halt midway through was disappointing for the rowers, but the correct decision in terms of the safety of the competitors.

Results improved across our squads throughout the day, even though we had set ratings to stick to we remained very competitive in all our races.  Well done to the rowers across all our age groups.


A great days racing for all at this regatta last Saturday - some excellent results across all classes as we took yet another step up.  We did not have a restricted rating at this regatta so it was all go for the crews and they stepped up very well.  More importantly they showed that we could maintain our composure and technique at the higher ratings, something that does not always happen.

Muddi Cup

An interesting day - an argument with a bridge, a few swims and a row through some mangroves, all in all it was a fun day of intensive racing that did not see much time off the water for the majority of our crews.   Some impressive results in the mixed eights which saw us win all three races and some excellent double and quad wins.

Sadly the Muudi Cup has eluded us for yet another year but maybe next year.

Overall I was very pleased as this was the second of two days intensive rowing for the athletes and some very tired looking children made their way home from Muudi Cup.

Co-operation Cup

This event between Waitemata and TGSRC was another step up this year with a lot of very closely contested racing with some excellent results over the day.  Sadly again the Cup stays with Waitemata for another year but certainly a great day with lots good food and friendly people.

First Camp

This week we are off to camp from Friday until Wednesday.  This will allow us to get back to some long distance training and some days of technique training, to bed in what we have been trying to achieve over the last few months

I am sure we will see huge improvements as we get more water time especially for the juniors and under 16’s who have struggled for quality water time at Bayswater this year.

So, I look forward to spending some quality coaching time with the junior crews as well as putting the seniors and juniors through their seat racing for the first time this year.  It’s great to see some close competition for spots in the top boats and this all looks good for the after Christmas racing at the bigger regattas.

Testing is going well with lots Personal Bests being recorded across all groups.  This morning seniors had 100%  Personal Bests on their 5km test, along with high percentages across the remaining under 16 and junior squads.  The aim in each squad should be to have every squad member within 2% of the best time in that squad which we are not far away from in many of the squads. 

Development group training is going well and the rowers certainly are showing the benefit of this training and we will look to increase this group after the camp.

Thanks to Jo Gibbs and the PTA who donated $2,300 for new weights equipment, which is allowing us to train with the latest weights equipment at the school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and supporters for their untiring help through the season so far and long may it continue.  To the rowers and coaches that give up so much of their personal time - thank you for the efforts at training and racing.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year and I look forward to catching up with you at the camps and upcoming regattas 

Mike Hill

Director of Rowing
TGS Rowing Club Inc

October DOR Report

With the first regatta of the season out of the way and the novices having their first taste of real racing albeit over a short course it is time to reflect on the weekend.

We went to the regatta with the intention of putting into place what we had been doing in training and not trying to do something that we were not capable of doing at this stage of the season.

Crews were mixed in each age group as the respective coaches saw them at this stage of the season, with a couple of changes being forced on us on race day due to the untimely accident of one of the u16 rowers who broke his ankle.  We hope you get well soon Tom B.

The main point for me was to watch in a racing situation what we had been doing in practice and see how we were able to transfer this to the racetrack.

In this respect I was very happy as were the squad coaches of how we went about this with rating capped at 32 strokes a minute we were able to judge this area of our training.  In saying that racing over 1000 meters does not transfer to a 2,000-meter result.

A number of our crews were rowing up in grades, which tested them, and some excellent efforts were recorded by the senior crews against club crews and for whatever reason they were racing in the same race with Regional Performance crews, which are semi professional athletes.  Some good performances in theu16 grade which is a very competitive grade . With a high number of athletes in this grade entered racing was very tough indeed, so well done

So if we look at the results and take these crews out of the equations in some of our races we can be very happy.

It became difficult during the day to actually establish when we should have been racing as the timetable was at times way behind and then suddenly on time with a late finish way beyond what was scheduled so full credit to the athletes for hanging in there over an extended day.  Boat rotation became a huge problem with constant changing of start times that in reality we had to guess. Luckily we got it right 99% time.

Great to see the novices enjoying themselves as they went about their races, and also a big thanks to Nick, Henry and Seena who done a great job coxing  along with the senior coxes of James and Adam , throughout the day at their first regatta ,not an easy task at any time.

Overall I am happy with where we are at as we work our way through the start of the season. So well done to the athletes and the coaches for a long hard day of racing.

Mike Hill

Director of Rowing
TGS Rowing Club Inc

Waitemata/ TGS Regatta

The Waitemata/TGS Regatta was the first regatta for the season and a hit for all; a chance for our new rowers (U15’s & BIS students) and parents to experience what it’s all about and a chance for all our returning rowers to get back into the fun. The regatta was thoroughly enjoyed by all as some the rowers got to meet each other for the first time and others got a taste of what racing is truly like.

A big thank you to all the coaches, seniors who stepped up and helped the juniors.  To our BIS club members who helped on the day; Sienna, Nick and Henry, thank you for coxing and I’m glad to hear you all enjoyed yourselves! The regatta itself was a success, although we didn’t have many top 3 placing’s, our rowers raced well and put to use what we have been trained for so far this season.

Bring on Bennett Shield (22nd November 2014) 

Rebekah Alvey
Club Captain