Christmas Message

It is pouring with rain down at camp today and this provides me with a good opportunity to catch-up with some overdue club correspondence.  This message was delivered via a link to our revamped TGS Rowing web site and since you are now reading this, I am hoping that navigation to this page has been straightforward.  

New Website
Communication has been one of the top items on our season objective list (based on your member feedback from last season).  You will be aware by now that keeping the rowing club wheels rolling requires a ton of communication.  Moving forward we are striving to get the right balance between using email, this website and Facebook.  Any improvements or suggestions are most welcome.  

Please have a good look around the website, its purpose is part promotional for new prospects and part informative for existing members. Hopefully the members section will be your ‘go to’ reference spot for the latest training schedule or contact information.  We have password protected the members area as some of this information shouldn't be in the public domain.

Camp Update
Camp has got off to a great start and all the rowers have settled into the daily routine, I'm sure they all be knackered by Wednesday evening.  Given the weather, today has turned into more of fun day with a core session and basketball competition replacing the morning row and hill run.   The All Stars Rowing team narrowly defeated the parents team, despite some incessant fouling and one-eyed referring (we were robbed).  However the parent helpers are still in good spirits, yesterday we even managed to get two parent crews out for a row in an eight!  Both crews were rocketing along like pros within 5 minutes as the photos and video below will attest.

Grants and Raffle Updates
Thanks to all rowers (and parents) for their mammoth efforts on raffle sales.  We have managed to raise close to $11,000 which will be put to great use this season.  Thanks to Julie Kingdom for all her efforts in organising this.. the raffle will be drawn at the Takapuna police station on the 18th December.

I wanted to take this opportunity to also table the club’s appreciation to Bruce Alvey and his efforts in heading up the committee role of Grants and Sponsorship.  Bruce has just secured a grant from the Infinity Trust for $4,000 towards coaching costs, this is the first time we applied to them so this is a great result.  Bruce has also re-signed AON as a head sponsor for our ‘Head of Harbour’ Regatta in February for $7,500.  Bruce has been nothing short of a fund raising machine for the club and all his behind the scenes efforts are massively appreciated.  We need to begin training one or two replacements to take over from him when the Alveys leave at the end of this season (unless I can successfully convince them to adopt my 13-year old).

January Camp
A quick reminder to get your booking in for camp two so that the catering team can lock in orders for food.  If you can squeeze in a visit the January camp will be great fun for all.  I'm looking forward to some more rowing practice and the annual visit to the glow worm ‘canyon’.
Best Wishes
On behalf of the committee, coaches and all the weather gods, I would like to wish you and your family the very best Christmas and happy New Year.  Travel safe and I look forward to seeing you in the next year.

Don Bisset
TGS Rowing Club 


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