October DOR Report

With the first regatta of the season out of the way and the novices having their first taste of real racing albeit over a short course it is time to reflect on the weekend.

We went to the regatta with the intention of putting into place what we had been doing in training and not trying to do something that we were not capable of doing at this stage of the season.

Crews were mixed in each age group as the respective coaches saw them at this stage of the season, with a couple of changes being forced on us on race day due to the untimely accident of one of the u16 rowers who broke his ankle.  We hope you get well soon Tom B.

The main point for me was to watch in a racing situation what we had been doing in practice and see how we were able to transfer this to the racetrack.

In this respect I was very happy as were the squad coaches of how we went about this with rating capped at 32 strokes a minute we were able to judge this area of our training.  In saying that racing over 1000 meters does not transfer to a 2,000-meter result.

A number of our crews were rowing up in grades, which tested them, and some excellent efforts were recorded by the senior crews against club crews and for whatever reason they were racing in the same race with Regional Performance crews, which are semi professional athletes.  Some good performances in theu16 grade which is a very competitive grade . With a high number of athletes in this grade entered racing was very tough indeed, so well done

So if we look at the results and take these crews out of the equations in some of our races we can be very happy.

It became difficult during the day to actually establish when we should have been racing as the timetable was at times way behind and then suddenly on time with a late finish way beyond what was scheduled so full credit to the athletes for hanging in there over an extended day.  Boat rotation became a huge problem with constant changing of start times that in reality we had to guess. Luckily we got it right 99% time.

Great to see the novices enjoying themselves as they went about their races, and also a big thanks to Nick, Henry and Seena who done a great job coxing  along with the senior coxes of James and Adam , throughout the day at their first regatta ,not an easy task at any time.

Overall I am happy with where we are at as we work our way through the start of the season. So well done to the athletes and the coaches for a long hard day of racing.

Mike Hill

Director of Rowing
TGS Rowing Club Inc

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