Winter Sport Pre-Season Trials

I have been fielding some questions from parents seeking clarification as winter sport trials and training activities start ramping up.

TGS have a policy that during Summer, Summer sports take priority over Winter Sports and vice versa.  This policy is intended as a simple guide to help manage conflicting training schedules/ students commitments between the different sporting codes..  This policy doesn't restrict, certainly doesn't ban rowers from participating in other school or external activities.   On the contrary the school encourages students to get involved as broadly as possible in their school life and follow the school motto of "aspiring to personal excellence". 

From a rowing perspective, all our rowing coaches are understandably very passionate about their sport and would like all rowers to be very focused as we move into the final competition stages of the season.   Most rowing crews have been training together for long hours and it is important to minimise risk for injures.  We can only ask that all rowers consider their teammates and ensure that they give rowing priority over other pre-season sporting activities and take care/ try to avoid injuries in any other sporting codes or activities that they participate in. 

Any questions, further clarifications, please give me a call.

Don Bisset
President TGS Rowing

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