Sponsored Row to Maadi

The Aon Maadi Cup is the New Zealand Secondary School Rowing Championships regatta which is being held at Lake Ruataniwha, near Twizel at the beginning of April, and this year we have a number of crews who are eligible to attend and represent Takapuna Grammar School and our rowing club in this prestigious event.
The cost to our club to compete at this event is $48,000. This includes the entry fees, accommodation and transportation of our crews (31 rowers), our dedicated coaches and all of the necessary equipment (8 boats, oars, riggers, tents, food, drink etc.)
We are currently deploying a number of activities including sponsorship to raise the necessary funds for this trip and are not asking for a hand out, we are working for it.
On 12 March the rowing crews of TGS are completing an Erg-a-Thon where each crew member will row for four hours, and as a club target a total distance of 1,356,300 metres - the distance from our school to Lake Ruataniwha.
There are three ways by which you can support and sponsor our crews:

  • A flat fee payable now or later
  • Agree to pay a sponsorship per metre completed by the rower – e.g. $1 per km might be $50 in total
  • Agree to pay a sponsorship per metre completed by the club – e.g. 5 cents per km might be $68

Based on 50kms and 1356km respectively

All funds raised will subsidise the costs to get our crews from Takapuna to Twizel. Please help and make all of the daily 5:30 am starts worth it...

Don BissetComment