As we are sport that trains on both land and on water we require our club members to provide some basic health and safety information before commencing any training with us.

Please complete the Permission/Health & Safety form by PM 6 JULY 2019, by clicking on the box below.

A separate form is to be completed for each crew member that you would like to register.

Each Crew Member is also required to complete a ‘Crew Member Code of Conduct Declaration Form’ to complete the registration process:

(this form is currently in the process of being updated and will be available in the near future)

If you have any questions regarding the registration process please contact our Secretary: Secretary@tgsrowing.org.nz. Alternatively, following our morning training session on Saturday 6 July (times tbc) we will host an ‘open club’ to provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.


Who can join Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club?

Anyone and everyone. There are few requirements to join the team other than being able to swim 50 meters unaided and that each crew member possesses a strong sense of responsibility and commitment. 

I've never rowed before - is that a problem?

Our coaches will teach you everything from basic fitness, nutrition, and weightlifting to moving a boat effectively on the water. Mastering rowing can take some time so the faster you get to us, the sooner your journey can begin.

What time is training?

We train most weekdays either before or after school/work and most weekend mornings. We often travel to camps and regattas, which require overnight stays. Attending school, college or work, and maintaining a social life are all possible while being on the team.

How will this affect my grades?

Rowers are highly disciplined athletes. Most team members report that their grades tend to be higher, as successful training means good time management. Additionally, many graduate programs and employers recognise how challenging rowing can be; consequently, they often give special favour to rowers given the qualities they know oarsmen and oarswomen possess.

Where does the club train?

The team currently train out of our own boathouse (‘Blue Shed’) located on Bayswater Marina, and on land at the Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Performance Centre (where our Ergs are housed).

How do I get to/from training?

Team members ride bikes or share rides to get to and from training. There is also a public bus that departs from Bayswater Wharf (trainings will normally be timed to be off water in time to catch the 7.40am bus to school). During the season, the club may also arrange car-pooling or a van(s) to transport rowers to/from training site (volunteer driver dependant).

How much does rowing cost?

Rowing is an expensive sport; however, we will never turn down anyone because of financial issues. Our boats cost on average $30-$35K. Annual fees covers all  training, equipment maintenance, entrance to regattas, travel, accommodation and food for all camps and regattas. The club is committed to providing payment plans and fundraising opportunities to lower costs. Discounts are available for coxswains and families with multiple crew members and for those who pay their fees in full prior to a certain cut off date (see fees section for further detail). 

Will I get wet?

Yes, rowing is water sport.  There is often a little splash or spray while rowing.  However, it is unlikely that your boat will capsize.  Come prepared with polypropylene thermals and a change of clothes.  Coxswains especially need to stay warm and dry.

I have heard rowing is for tall people.  I’m short.  Can I still row?

YES!  The great thing about rowing is that the entire boat crosses the finish line together no matter what size the rowers are.  You can be any size and still row well.  Smaller rowers often have more heart and drive than taller ones!