Uniforms - 2019/20 Season

This season sees some exciting changes and updates to the TGS Rowing uniform which will be outlined below. We generally only take orders once or twice a season so please keep this in mind when you fill out the Order Form. The order takes 8 weeks to be made and delivered.

Deadline for uniform orders will be Tuesday 22 July at 8pm (order form is below).

This season we are sourcing our uniforms from 2XU and DG Sport. Size Guides for all items.

New Rowers: The following items are compulsory for all rowers.

  • 2XU Rowsuit

  • Hoodie/Sweatshirt (the rowers generally like these on the large side)

  • Cap 2XU

  • 2XU Row T Shirt (These are worn over the rowsuits during regattas and are better fitted as they row in them at times.)

Recommended items for rowers with TGS Rowing design logo:

  • Bag - named (Most rowers order this)

  • Visor 2XU

  • Bucket hat

  • 2XU Long sleeve white training top for sun protection

  • 2XU Blue long sleeve training top

  • Trackpants - Navy

  • Beanie

  • Light Windcheater Jacket

Sourced by individual rower:

  • Blue poly prop top - sourced from Kathmandu

  • The School Sports Jacket can also be worn at the regatta site if necessary in cold weather.

Supporters Gear ordered through the club:

  • Hoodie/Sweatshirt

  • Supporters Cap - Fabric as per 2018 season

  • Supporters Tshirt - To be organised later in the season.

If you are a Year 11-13 rower this season and have not previously been given a PRIDE top you will receive this complimentary item along with a Senior Crew Cap. Please indicate your size in the order form. Returning Senior Crew you can also purchase these items if desired.

Returning rowers only: You will need to purchase the following

  • 2XU navy row T-shirt

  • 2XU cap.

  • 2XU Rowsuit - you are not obliged to buy this initially as it will be phased in over the next year. However, all rowers will need to wear the same row suit as their crew mates when rowing in regattas. This means that some returning rowers may need to purchase a new row suit during this season. As crews are not yet decided we will be ordering surplus row suits should you need to purchase during the season.

The gifted Maadi 2019 visors and bucket hats will not be allowed to be worn for 2019-2020 regattas. We encourage you to be sun smart and wear these during training and camps.

During regattas all uniform items must be TGS Rowing items. Shorts are to be black or navy. When competing, the crew must all wear the same items. If it is cold they all need a long sleeve navy polyprop or the 2XU Navy Long sleeve top.

Please take the time to look at the link to the sizing charts we have provided from 2XU and DG Sports as these may be different to your usual size. This will ensure an accurate fit. The 2XU tops are in a women's and men's fit.

Unfortunately the uniform team do not deal in second hand items but you are welcome to advertise these on the parents facebook page.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us in a separate email. Please do not use REPLY ALL to this email.

Information on prices and sizes are in the Order Form link below - please complete this order form by Tuesday 22 July 8pm as we will then be placing the order.