Our Members


Our rowing programme is carried out by a dedicated team comprising of school staff, voluntary coaches, parents and our rowing crews.



The Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club Committee is formed annually to coordinate the delivery of our objectives.

The Committee, consisting of approximately 16 volunteer members organise the various required activities including fundraising, maintenance, training camps, communications and generally assist in the conduct of the club's operations.

Each year Committee Members and our Executive Officers are elected by club members at the Annual General Meeting.

2019/20 Committee Members

The following members were elected for the 2019/20 season:

Executive Officers:

Paula Halliday           President

Mike Toxopeus    Vice President

Sharon Norman         Treasurer

Linda Ward                Secretary

Appointed Executive Committee Members:

Eric Verdonk                              Head Coach

Jenna Murie                             Associated TGS Teacher

Committee Members:

Ange Rees Integrity Officer

Andy Grant                                Health and Safety Manager

Alex Bacchus Accounts Manager

Allison Butcher (& Viv)               Camps Manager

Emma Grant                             Transportation Manager

Anna Foster (& Safra)      Uniforms Manager

Neil Halliday Events Manager

Cheryl Montgomery                   Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager



Our coaching team is comprised of highly successful rowers, who each ensure that our crew members enjoy a safe and rewarding sport:

CoachING TEAM 2019/20

Eric Verdonk             Head Coach

Mike Tolhurst            Senior Coach

Adrian Riepen           Senior Coach

Katie Halliday            Junior Coach

Hugo Verdonk           Junior Coach

Tom McCann Junior Coach

Jess Hamlin Junior Coach

Anton Andres Junior Coach

Sienna Norman Junior Coach


Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club Captains are ambassadors for both the club and the school, and are responsible for supporting the coaches and all crew members.

Club Captains are selected by all club members annually from the Under 18 Senior Crew, and are announced at our Annual Prizegiving.

Club Captains (2019/20 Season):

  • Ella Grant

  • Stanley Alderson

Vice Club Captains (2019/20 Season):

  • Evan Williams

  • Alexa Hood

To discuss any issues pertaining to the management of the club you can contact any of our Committee Members, either in person or via their club email address, or via our Club Secretary: secretary@tgsrowing.org.nz. Fresh ideas and parent participation is very much welcomed.

Life Members

Our Life Members are the foundation of Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club. We are incredibly lucky to have such an engaged and supportive group of Life Members who provide endless support and advice and are ambassadors for both the club and the sport of rowing.

Ian Lissette

Ian Pratt

Lee Pratt

Nicky Hume

Chris Hume

Terry Tidbury

Malcolm Iversen*

Barbara Iversen

Colleen Tonei

John Beck

Robin Holding

Terry Holding

Erwin Drok                             

Bruce Alvey

Shana Alvey             

Mary Glanfield

Chris Glanfield

Sharon Norman

Graeme Norman


* Deceased

Boat Naming

Images from ceremonies conducted in 2018/19 Rowing Season: