If you are interested in rowing, coaching, or becoming a coxswain, we want to hear from you!

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Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club has a lot to offer its athletes: life long friendships, intense physical training, nation-wide travel, and an opportunity to represent Takapuna Grammar School on a whole new level. The competitive drive, team bond, and dedicated coaches, makes our club one of a kind.

 Many people are apprehensive about starting rowing because they are worried that they won’t ‘fit the mould’ of what a rower should be – they are too short, too unfit or like sleeping too much. These are common misconceptions that should definitely not stop you from trying rowing. 

Whilst it is true that elite rowers are usually of above-average height, and are always extremely fit, and train at very early hours of the morning, this doesn’t mean that you can not participate in rowing and enjoy it at your own level. 

Learning to row as a novice is some of the best fun you can have at a rowing club, because it tends to turn into a very tight-knit and friendly group. At first it may seem daunting if you don’t know anyone else, and there are a lot of “rowing-specific” terms and lingo that the coaches might use which you may not understand at first. However within a few weeks you will all start to get to know your fellow rowers - and coaches - a lot better, and as the season progresses you will be rowing like a professional.

You may see other rowers out on the water breezing along, going twice as fast as you... and that's just in their warm-up! Don't forget that they have been rowing for many more years than you and are now reaping the rewards of their persistence... if you stick with it, you will soon be able to row as seemingly effortlessly as they are.

Your level of competitiveness will be dependent on your height, natural talent, experience, coach, fitness, commitment to training, and many other factors. Rowing sparks a feeling of comradeship between crewmates that train together frequently, for it is a sport that is dependent on each and every member of the boat doing their part. In a sense, it is the ultimate team sport.