Our History

Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club is proud to celebrate our 78th anniversary this year.

We have a strong and successful rowing history. As one of the first rowing schools in Auckland and participants in the early 'Head of Harbour' regattas almost fifty years ago we have a proud coaching, rowing and competing heritage. In addition to the successes we have experienced in our local and national regattas we have a solid history in assisting in the development of world-class athletes who have gone on to represent New Zealand at the Olympics.

Juliette Haigh

Olympic Bronze - 2012 Pair

Conrad Robertson

Olympic Gold  - 1984 Coxless Four

Our Story

In 1982 Malcolm Iversen, who had been a stalwart of the North Shore Rowing Club, and who now had a daughter at Takapuna Grammar, approached the Headmaster Jack Kelly, to seek approval to re-establish rowing as one of the school's sports. In July the club re-formed with early direction given by Dudley Storey and Eric Craies of the West End Rowing Club. Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club became affiliated to West End and rowed from it's Westhaven boathouse.  An old eight and four were purchased - the 'Conrad Robertson' and the 'Takapuna'.

The first few years were formative with coaching done in the main by Malcolm and Barbara Iversen, and Colleen Tonei. John Beck was the Rowing Master. Results were unspectacular, but there was a large amount of enthusiasm. Two boats soon proved insufficient and with parent support and fundraising more were bought. Third placings at the Maadi Cup began to appear using the new wonder eight, the 'Milt Conway'.
The level of support continued to increase as did the membership. So now, despite the fact that the club owns four plastic eights and five plastic fours, the pressure on the equipment is as great as it ever has been, with one season at Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club, giving the boats the equivalent of five seasons of work at a rowing club.

In 1989 the club formally adopted a constitution for its management and development and in 1990 became an incorporated society, affiliating directly to the New Zealand Amateur Rowing Association so that now, whenever the crews compete, it is in the distinctive blue and gold of Takapuna Grammar School.  The growth of the club is such that now Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club has become one of the top performing co-educational schools in the sport.

History of club positions

2000 - 2001    
Coaches:          Erwin Drok (DOR), Kirsty Dunhill, Dudley Storey, Jane Buchan, Sam Learmouth, Colleen Tonei, Nikki Hopkins,
                          Kelly McFadzien,  James Cootes
President:         Ian Pratt    
TIC:                   Carina Sykes

2001 - 2002    
Coaches:           Kirsty Dunhill (DOR), James Cootes, Brian Hawthorne, Louis McLennan, Julia Drok, Chris McGrath, Matt Jones, Vanessa Harris
President:          Ian Pratt    
TIC:                    Carina Sykes

2002 - 2003    
Coaches:           Kirsty Dunhill (DOR), Greg Reid, Matt Jones, Vanessa Harris, Katrine Kofoed, Christine Getzler, James Cootes
President:          Ian Pratt    
TIC:                    Robin Holding

2003 - 2004    
Coaches:           Kirsty Dunhill (DOR), James Cootes, Nick McMasters, Chris Glanfield
President:          Ian Pratt    
TIC:                    Robin Holding

2004 - 2005    
Coaches:           James Cootes (DOR), Robbie Glanfield, Kim Glanfield, Terry Tidbury, Chris Glanfield, Nick McMasters
President:          Ian Pratt    
TIC:                    Robin Holding

2005 - 2006    
Coaches:           James Cootes (DOR), Terry Tidbury, Matt Korn, Robbie Glanfield, Jade Cummings, Chris Single, Kim Glanfield,
                           Sam Grant, Lizzie Dunn
President:          Ian Pratt    
TIC:                    Robin Holding

2006 - 2007    
Coaches:           James Cootes (DOR), Terry Tidbury, Matt Korn, Robbie Glanfield, Stuart Pratt, Jack Bishop, Paul Spooner
President:          Gordon Walker

2007 - 2008    
Coaches:           James Cootes (DOR), Terry Tidbury, Matt Korn, Robbie Glanfield, Sam Thexton, Claire Harvey, Archie Dallas
President:          Gordon Walker    
TIC:                    Kate Knowles

2008 - 2009    
Coaches:           James Cootes (DOR), Terry Tidbury, Bonnie Crookes, Robbie Glanfield, Charlotte Robinson, Matt Korn, Sam Thexton
President:          Gordan Walker    
TIC:                    Kate Knowles

2009 -2010    
Coaches:           Martin Simoncelli (DOR), Terry Tidbury, Matt Korn, Bonnie Crooks, Sam Thexton, Robbie Glanfield, Matt Schmidt.
President:          Gordon Walker    
TIC:                    Sharon Davies

2010 - 2011    
Coaches:           Martin Simoncelli (DOR), Terry Tidbury, Matt Korn, Monique Davies, Katie Philps, Jackson Living, Myles Ganley.   
President:          Terry Tidbury (Acting)    
TIC:                    Nova Camp

2011 - 2012    
Coaches:           Martin Simoncelli (DOR), TerryTidbury, Monique Davies, Katie Philps, Jackson Living, Myles Ganley
President:          Gillian Gibson    
TIC:                    Nova Camp

2012 - 2013    
Coaches:           Oliver Salt (DOR), Terry Tidbury, Matt Korn, Monique Davies, Katie Philps, Charlotte Robinson, Courtney Sheehan
President:          Russell Malone    
TIC:                    Kate Knowles

2013 - 2014    
Coaches:           Mike Hill (DOR), Terry Tidbury, Matt Korn, Monique Davies, Katie Philps, Charlotte Robinson, Courtney Sheehan, Bonnie Crooks
President:          Russell Malone    
TIC:                    Andrea Charlotte-Green

2014 - 2015    
Coaches:           Mike Hill (DOR), Terry Tidbury, Tom Moore, Hannah Hood, Jake Rundell
President:         Don Bisset    
TIC:                    Robin Holding

2015 - 2016    
Coaches:           Jacqui Van Dam (DOR), Hannah Hood, Kevin Herbison, Robbie Bentley
President:         Don Bisset    
TIC:                    Robin Holding

2016 - 2017

Coaches:           Sue O'Callaghan, Adrian Riepen, Epernay Norman, Tom Ferguson, Jack Cantrell
President:         Don Bisset    
TIC:                    Robin Holding

2017 - 2018

Coaches:           Eric Verdonk (Head Coach), Mike Tolhurst, Kevin Herbison, Adrian Riepen, Katie Halliday, Eric Ibarraran, Alex Davey, Jack Cantrell
President:         Paula Halliday   
TIC:                    Callum McNair and Adrian Riepen

1982 - 1983    
Coaches:         John Beck, Malcolm Iversen, Colleen Tonei
Chair:               Lou Beck

1983 - 1984    
Coaches:         Barbara Iversen, Malcolm Iversen, John Beck, Colleen Tonei, Grant Aitken, Lesley Elliot
Chair:               Faye Carr

1984 - 1985    
Coaches:         Malcolm Iversen, Colleen Tonei, Lew Beck, Eric Craies, Grant Aitken, Barbara Iversen
Chair:               Garth Cameron
TIC:                  Sue Poynter

1985 - 1986    
Coaches:          Lew Beck, Malcolm Iversen, Vic Dempsey, Eric Craies, Colleen Tonei, Barbara Iversen
Chair:                Judith Kelleway
TIC:                   Sue Poynter, John Beck

1986 - 1987    
Coaches:          Eric Craies, Lew Beck, Vic Dempsey,  Colleen Tonei, Barbara Iversen
Chair:                Maureen Calkin
TIC:                   Pip McEachen

1987 - 1988    
Coaches:          Barbara Iversen, Malcolm Iversen, Colleen Tonei, Eric Craies, Glenda Roges, Brian Allelly
Chair:                Maureen Calkin

1988 - 1989    
Coaches:          Colleen Tonei, John Taylor

1989 - 1990    
Coaches:         Jennie Wiggle, Mark Borgfeldt, John Taylor,  Colleen Tonei, Blair Aicken,  Denyse Johnston
President:       Bob McNaughton
TIC:                  John Beck, Terrelle Bradbury

1990 - 1991    
Coaches:         Mark Borgfeldt, Jenni Wiggle, Colleen Tonei, Win Wrathall, Irwin Drok, John Taylor, Julie Dawson, Debbie Lynch, Kate Fisher,
                         Rowan Carter, Tracey Lightbourne
President:       Fiona Denton    
TIC:                  Sue Poynter

1991 - 1992    
Coaches:         Mark Borgfeldt, Colin Davy, Natalie Denton, Erwin Drok, Peter Kinley, Anna McNaughton, John Taylor, Bill Wiggle, Jenni Wiggle,
                         Win Wrathall, Jo Wyeth, Gary Schwarz
President:       Dave Mountford
TIC:                  Sue Poynter, John Beck

1992 - 1993    
Coaches:         Win Wrathall, Jo Wyeth, Mike Osborne, Bill Wiggle, Colin Davy, Baxter Dawson, John Taylor, Denise Johnston, Jenni Wiggle,
                         Travis Keane, Dudley Storey
President:       Erwin Drok    
TIC:                  Terry and Robin Holding

1993 - 1994    
Coaches:         Alan Perkinson, Denise Johnston - DJ, Dudley Storey,Wendy Bollons, Jenni Wiggle, Colin Davy, John Taylor, Bill Wiggle
President:       Erwin Drok    
TIC:                  Terry and Robin Holding

1994 - 1995           
Coaches:          Ivan Davies, Baxter Dawson, Dudley Storey, Kirsty Dunhill, Colin Davy, Irwin Drok, Craig Hopkins, John Taylor
President:        Greg Buchan    
TIC:                   Terry and Robin Holding

1995 - 1996         
Coaches:          Kirsty Dunhill, Ivan Davies, Colin Davy, Dudley Storey
President:        Greg Buchan    
TIC:                   Terry and Robin Holding

1996 - 1997        
Coaches:           Jenny Poynter, Erwin Drok, Rachael Heeney, Dudley Storey, Kirsty Dunhill, Colin Davy, Bernadette Getzler
President:         Mike Foster-Moan    
TIC:                    Terry and Robin Holding

1997 - 1998          
Coaches:           Kirsty Dunhill, Colin Davy, Erwin Drok, John Shanahan
President:         Mike Foster-Moan    
TIC:                    Terry and Robin Holding

1998 - 1999    
Coaches:           Paul Burdett, Kelly McFadzien, Erwin Drok, Colin Davy, Rachael Heeney, Nikki Hopkins, Dudley Storey
President:          Ian Pratt    
TIC:                    Carina Sykes

1999 - 2000    
Coaches:           Creg Cassidy (DOR), Erwin Drok, Paul Burdett, Sam Learmouth, Colleen Tonei, Rebekah Hendrickson, Sally Reay, Katrine Kofoed, Melissa Prentice, Kelly McFadzien
President:         Ian Pratt    
TIC:                    Carina Sykes