Attributes of a seasoned rower are the leg power of a speed skater, back strength of a weightlifter, endurance of a marathon runner, reflexes of a sprinter and the balance of a snowboarder. Our programme includes a year-round, full-body conditioning activity to ensure our crews are 'regatta fit' - the fitter our crews are the more successful they will be. 


Our coaching team sets the training programme each quarter. This is communicated to all crew members and parents via the Teamer app, and any changes due to adverse weather conditions are also advised by this app.

Please contact our Club Secretary at to be invited to the Teamer app.

Crew Members that are not able to attend training should advise their coaches before 6pm the night prior to training, via the Teamer app, including the reason for their absence. Ideally this would be before 6pm the night before a morning session, and by 9 am for an afternoon session. Any last minute absences/issues should be advised by text to coach.

If one rower is absent from training (without giving notice), it is unlikely that the entire crew will be able to train. Every member in a boat has a crucial role to play and a crew is let down if rowers are missing – it is not like netball, rugby or hockey where crew members can still train fully if team members are absent.

All training sessions, whether on or off water, will be on rain or shine so please always attend. Crew Members should bring enough clothing, shoes, food and water to cover all eventualities, as it can get very cold out on the water. Full commitment to attend every training session is essential, as is arriving at training sessions on time.

Our travel coordinator will liaise with all parents to organise a schedule of car pooling to transport crew members any training sessions away from the school grounds. 

Training Locations

Land Training

Our land based training is conducted in our Rowing Performance Centre at Takapuna Grammar School. We have a number of Erg rowing machines and use the school and the North Shore Rugby Club gyms for strength and conditioning training. 

Water Training

We are exceptionally lucky to have our own base for our water training at Bayswater Wharf  

Bayswater Wharf - The Blue Shed



There are compulsory training camps in October and January. These camps prepare rowers for the season ahead. The learning curve is steep and the camps are always very successful from a technical rowing perspective, for team building and crew member's personal growth.

Our training camps are hard work, but also great fun for both crew member and parents, and provide a great opportunity for all club members to form strong relationships.

Camps are organised by the Committee and coaches, but we are heavily reliant on parent helpers to assist in a variety of activities. These include transport, catering, drivers, boat maintenance etc. A group of parent helpers are required on site during the course of the camps.

Accommodation, transport and catering are organised in advance, and rely heavily on parent helpers to fill the various roles required in the smooth running of the camp.

Nutrition for all is a key requirement as training camps can be quite exhausting. All camp attendees are requested to provide their own lunch for the first day and also to bring a container of nutritional home baking that can be used for post training recovery. Catering is provided for all crew members, coaches and parent helpers for all other day, and special dietary requirements can be accommodated if sufficient notice is provided